SOAR Out Loud BootCamp

A Transformational Course to Help You Leap Your Life Into SUCCESS & SOAR

''Getting enrolled in COACHher Creativeness™ SOAR OUT LOUD™ BootCamp, and being mentored by Sistah Soldier has proven to be a wise career move. She put together a MOCK interview to help me feel confident. I'm in so much gratitude that I was offered an admin position" the very next day!''

- K. Green

Sistah Soldier



Start Your Transformation Today!

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SOAR Out Loud BootCamp is an 8-Week Course That Will Give You Strategies and Tools to Help You Increase Your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Well-Being, and Creativity

I've Designed A 5 Part Transformational Framework For Those Who Want to...

  • Trust themself
    and God
  • Own their
  • Get
  • Gain
  • Practice the Disipline
    of Consistency



Go from being stuck to unstuck and identify your purpose. Learn how to turn your trauma into purposeful profits, change lives, and impact trillions!

A set of modules delivered over 8-weeks in the form of video training, worksheets, templates, Tools, assessments, and the opportunity to learn in a self-paced environment.

The course starts immediately, and you’ll have lifetime access.


  • You are ready to start the transformation and take a creative journey
  • You're willing to work to get your desired outcomes
  • You want clarity around your career skills, and you haven't successfully created a plan to transition
  • You're an action taker and implementer. You have the emotional stamina and maturity to move through challenges and stay the course even when things may not move as fast as you'd like
  • You want to take your mental wellness, relationships, or career to the next level, access your creativeness and raise your income to six figures and beyond
  • You're not ready to invest for access to Sistah Soldier and the complete coaching program to accelerate your results; you'd rather move at your own pace


  • You're unwilling to get to the root of the problem
  • Not Willing to have an open mind
  • You're satisfied with having no job experience, a dead-end career, or low revenue business, and you believe it will always be that way
  • You're stuck and constantly struggle with making decisions about the foundational parts of your career or business, and because of this, you've avoided taking action
  • You're under the impression that this training will replace a therapist, you have problems following instructions, and don't like facing the truth whether you do the work or not
  • You believe coaching is a quick fix to healing, and by taking this course, you'll immediately erase years of trauma, habits, and negative thinking

''This program is extremely blessed and anointed, and I encourage anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, being stuck, and wanting to expand their creativity to take the "COACHher Creativeness™" Program. "It literally saved my life!"

- Natachia G. Taylor



Start Your Creative Transformation Now!

I’m Excited to be Your Guide


The Power of Clarity

  • Lessons of gratitude and accessing your joy

  • Gain mental resilience

  • Develop the focus of a Warrior

  • Accessing your Creative Identity

  • Forgive yourself and others, and experience true freedom

  • Start focusing on the solution, not on the problem

  • Set the tone for your future


Choosing Courage Over Comfort

  • Understand that you belong in spite of your imperfections

  • Let go of self-judgment and emotional exhaustion

  • Lead with confidence and embrace discomfort

  • Get hacks on how to use courage to shut out little voices and make solid decisions

  • How to have courage during difficult times

  • Access your power and move beyond discomfort, shame, and embarrassment


Being Your Authentic Self

  • Identify Your Divine Identity and Own it!

  • Have a clear path to move forward with confidence

  • Use the Power of Choice

  • Choose courage over comfort and let go of shame and gain confidence

  • The integrity of choice


Transformative Leadership in Action

  • Discover why your Transformational leadership Matters

  • Start taking control of situations by conveying passion for the work, clear visions and goals, and be recharged and energized

  • Use the strength of your vision, personality, and creative skills to inspire others and change expectations and perceptions

  • Transform your mind into a wealthy mindset, and put your creative skills to work

  • Have purposeful directions for your next move in cultural society

  • Learn ways to foster supportive environments at home and work with helpful strategies to improve your well-being

  • Have a clear vision and be able to articulate your passion for helping others experience the same motivation to achieve their goals

Bonus I

  • FREE Transformative Coaching Consultation (Value $500)

Bonus II

  • Inside Peek at our live sessions (Value $3500)

Bonus III

  • Fireside Chat: A Masterclass with Maryl Petricca, Aurthur of GPS to Joy ( Value $197)

BONUS IV: 90-Minute Resume Masterclass So You Can Start Submitting Your Resume As Soon As Possible!



  • Templates

  • Videos

  • Assessments

  • Tools for Success

  • A complimentary coaching session valued at $500

  • Quizzes

  • Certificate of completion

  • Our Private Insider Group

  • Additional Bonuses



Are You Ready to Lay the Foundations for a Stable Career after a Military Veteran or Corporate Transition, and Start Your Creative Career Journey? The SOAR Out Loud Bootcamp™ is Designed to Help You Do That!

It's My Pleasure to be Your Guide

Flexible Payment Options

Pay in Full $997


Split Your Payments



''It's time for you to have clarity, understanding, and follow the divine promise for your life. Let's "GO Girlie" it's time to create!''

Sistah Soldier

Creative Transformation Coach, Intuitive Storyteller,

Television/Producer, and Army Veteran

This is a Self-Study Transformational Course. So, You'll Have to Keep Yourself Accountable to Do the Work. It's Perfect for Creative Women Seeking Transformation But Who Might Not Be Ready for An Accelerated Coaching Program and The Investment That Accompanies It.

If You Need Personalize Guidance to Get to The Next Level Or Want a Community Experience, We Invite You To Apply For The SOAR Out Loud™ Accelerator Program.



Start Your Leadership Transformation Now!

I’m Excited to be Your Guide

Commonly Asked Questions

What type of growth should I expect?

Every individual differs. Our teachings are biblically based and combined with practical practices that focus on spiritual, personal, and professional development. Everyone moves at their own pace. Our goal is to create enough clarity and understanding to help move you forward from feeling trapped in trauma and being disoriented to being confident.

How long will I have access?

There's no waitlist, and you'll have immediate access for an indefinite time. We recommend completing the series and reviewing it as often as you need. The more you practice, the more results you'll have.

How will I know if I'll receive a Return On my Investment (ROI)?

As with anything, you get out of something what you put into it. We guarantee our work is framed to help you grow and develop using self-study and self-accountability processes. However, you must still "do your due diligence" and take responsibility for your personal growth and development.

What are the requirements?

As a self-study program, you'll need a desire to succeed, and the will to encourage yourself. It helps if you create a plan to move through the content to the best of your ability. Those who will benefit the most are creative professional women seeking growth in their personal, spiritual, or entrepreneurial journey. Women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces or within the military community (military spouses, daughters, moms, and caregivers).


COACHher Creativeness™ is a Woman Veteran Own Business serving creative women

transitioning into the Media & Creative Arts. Its programs are provided under the trademark of SHE

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